SF International High Students Read Their Poems

On Tuesday, 17 students from the San Francisco Mission HighInternational High School (a public school for recent immigrants inside of Mission High School), shared their poems about where they are from.

Listen to students read their beautiful, insightful, and moving poems in our radio archives, or find individual students’ poems here.

Kart’s Poem

I am from Estonia
I am from cold and warm
I am from winter and summer
where houses are small and gardens are big.

Where I am from, celebrities don’t exist.
Where I am from, the United States is everyone’s dream.

I am from big forest,
little lakes,
deep swamps,
and endless moors.

I am from Christmas,
which smells like gingerbread and apple pie
melting in your mouth
and it tastes sooo good.

Ronaldo’s Poem

Fear of forgetting my own language
Fear that my brothers will say you are not my brother
Fear of my friends killing me
Fear of losing my parents again
Fear of not having money
Fear of killing myself
Fear of my government reporting me to my country


One response to “SF International High Students Read Their Poems

  1. Ronaldo- this is beautiful, and heartbreaking. You are a true poet. I wish you only good things, always. – Coleen

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