Fort-Home & Mystical Mathematics

With the radio station up and running (K-Okay!, 88.1), we’ve focused our attention on finishing our collapsible home/ radio listening station/ fort.

Triangles!Made out of equilateral triangles of bedsheets stretched over wood, lots of thread, some old clothes, and some hairbands, they can be assembled into infinite home-shapes.

The triangles are looking beautiful, the nights of sewing are getting later, the piles of thread and fabric scraps is climbing higher, and the whole thing keeps feeling a little more magical.

Maybe it’s over-worked, late-night delirium, but here’s our explanation for the magic.  It’s a nod to the absurdist-physicist who is sharing his home with us for this month, it is a shout to our amateur geometric mystics a continent away.  It’s the lasting intrigue of the Platonic Solids.

Platonic Solids are 3-dimensional convex solids made entirely of matching equilateral shapes.  Like a cube.  Or a pyramid with a triangular base.  There are only five possible Platonic Solids, and three of them are constructed of equilateral triangles.

An ancient cult mathematicians called The Secret Brotherhood, headed by Pythagoras (of Pythagorian Theorem fame), ascribed cosmic meaning to the five solids.  Their emblem, the pentagram, lives on into occult eternity.  Like modern physicists, they sought to explain the fundamental elements of the universe.  Along with a friend, Empedocles, they ascribed an element to each solid, and the fifth, 12-sided solid, represented the entire zodiac and the universe as a whole.

Our equilateral triangle shapes correspond to fire, water, and air.



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